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Thread: Time Machine

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    Time Machine

    So you have a time machine and you can go back to the days when the local toy store shelves were packed with Star Wars toys. You can only bring one item back with you. Take away the current monetary value.....what are you bringing back?

    Looking for ESB era First Shots - I have great trade items.

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    A carded VC Jawa, because I can't even find a decently priced one loose as of late.

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    I think someone on here had a Toltoys 3- pack not so long ago - so that would be my Ultimate (I wouldnt even care which figures).

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    Easily the VC Jawa,asides from the value and rarity I think the figure just looks cool.

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    The remote controlled sand crawler.

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    For me it was all about my original Luke Skywalker. I had lost him at some point during the early eighties and I could never find a replacement in the stores.
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    Carded yakface, just think it's a cool figure and not being sold in the us makes it special
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    Sise Fromm
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    carded Fx-7....


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