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Thread: Super Bowl

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    Super Bowl

    What does everybody do for the game? And what do you like more about it each year? The game,the ads,the halftime show,or the other things that go on around it? Like the lingerie bowl from the past years or when Beavis and Butthead had their show during halftime.What about the puppy bowl or weather bowl this year? Or do we all just like all the food we eat during the game? Kinda of curious what everybody does?

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    Well, none of my favorite teams are in the Superb Owl. Usually I never watch it anyways, but I'm not big sports fan anyways.

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    I'm only interested in the food and commercials though I do turn 21 then so maybe I can officially legally enjoy a brewski on game day.
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    I'm excited. I like both teams, though I'm rooting for Denver because Peyton Manning is my favorite player. My wife is from WA so obviously she's pulling for the Seahawks. Not sure what our plans are just yet. There's a party we could go to (that we go to every year for the game), or we might just decide to stay at home. Have a few people over and have some food and beer, nothing fancy.
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    I'm going with Denver as well. I have relatives there so it only feels right. I'll probably be working so i'll miss it, hopefully I have an early shift.
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    My friends a rookie on the Seahawks so I will actually watch this year.
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    I'll keep my tradition alive and record the SB and start watching about 1 1/2 hours after it starts. That way I can skip the boring stuff and go straight to the commercials.
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    Sports were never my cup of tea, especially football. (Boring as hell, if you ask me.) As for the commercials, I never understood the hype behind them at all. I mean, they're commercials, people. Aren't they annoying enough to sit through the other 364 days? If anything, I'll flip to the halftime show if they booked an artist I'm actually interested in (which rarely happens), but this year they actually did: RHCP. I'll be sure to catch their performance on Sunday. Flea and the boys never disappoint. But yeah, for me it's usually just a regular old Sunday with no big hoopla.
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    I'm having a bunch of my neighbors over for the game. I'm from Seattle so I'm pulling for the Hawks. I rarely get to see them play living in the middle of Cowboy territory so this is a real treat.

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    Go hawks!!!!!!

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