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Thread: Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron) - #01

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    Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron) - #01

    Status - Rumour

    According to the rumour list have posted we'll be seeing a re deco of the Sandtrooper figure in the 6" Black series.

    Who's looking forward to this one? Maybe some new weapons and accessories.

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    I don't imagine any new accessories, just different colored pauldrons: white or black. I'm fine with either color.

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    Meh, pass for me. I'm good with one sandtrooper, and the orange pauldron has always been my favorite version.
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    I really like the first Sandtrooper BUT I think its a bit soon for repaints/redecos, especially when there is just so much else they could do. This is definitely a cost saving measure.
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    If doing a redeco every now and again helps them to save money in order to to keep this line going, then I will gladly accept the sacrifice.

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    Meh, why not. I'm deciding on whether I should army build with the Sandtrooper or the Stormtrooper, and at this point I'm leaning towards Sandie.
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    At this point, it looks like it will be easier to troop build with sandies.

    I hope this one os the black pauldron version. I have 2 with the orange pauldron and skip more because I figured they'd do something like this. I hadn't expected it so soon though.

    I wonder if they'll leave out the big that was carried by the orange pauldroned trooper. I'm assuming besides the pauldron, there won't be any changes.
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    Hopefully they have addressed some issues this time around. The uneven weathering, extra dirty helmet and pink splotches. The wave 1 sandy was the most difficult figure for me to find an acceptable paint ap.

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    I've made a custom Black pauldron so I hope its white followed by a Dewback.

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    Maybe there's a dewback in the deluxe line. Someone could have mistaken it for Jabba, right?
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