Hi there,
I made a sideway on my Star wars and started with the amazing Toybiz figures.
They are very inviting to do customizing because of their size.
Also I used to paint Warhammer armies when I was younger, so the bridge between then and now is a short one!

Here is the original from China: Lord of the Rings Mordor Warrior Orc Gorbag Uruk-hai 6inch Action Figure LOTR | eBay

This is what I made of it:

The helmet is a from Playmobil.
The sword is made from thick plastic with glue on it for the ''crude iron'' look.
The dagger is made from a wooden lollipop stick, same as the shield itself.
The back of it and the metal bands are strips of my old leather wallet.
His undercloath is animal-hair fabric, like on dolls. The hair is made from coloured wool.

Some more action photo's: