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Thread: Celebration IV Vinyl Banners: Could use some feedback

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    Celebration IV Vinyl Banners: Could use some feedback


    This past summer, I picked up a couple of the vinyl banners from Star Wars Celebration IV. One depicts Boba Fett, and is from the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall; the other features Darth Maul, and is from the art show. I haven't measured them, but they're probably about 6' by 20'.

    While they're neat, I don't have anywhere to display them, and I'm not really a very serious collector, so I was thinking of selling. The thing is, I have no idea what to ask, or who might be interested.

    Could anyone here offer any suggestions? Is there interest in this sort of thing?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    You have any pictures?
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    very interestd in the boba one... got some pix ?

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    I would love to read the backstory on how you got them. They are very cool.
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    At least you got Boba -awesome!
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    They actually came up for bid at the charity auction at Gen Con. (SWC IV was the last one managed by Gen Con, so I guess they still had the signage tucked away.) It was sort of potluck, since the banners were all wrapped up from storage, but it was for a good cause, so I said "What the heck?"

  8. Thanks from: CaptainAlex

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