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Thread: Have: Black Series Boba Fett 6 inch. Want: Assorted TVC figures

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    Have: Black Series Boba Fett 6 inch. Want: Assorted TVC figures

    I find it best to get some ground rules out in the open in the first place, to help transactions go more smoothly.
    I'm looking to trade within the continental US at this time.
    Send a Private Message and I will reply.
    If you need to take more than 24 hours between replies, please mention this.
    I'm not trying to rush anyone, but I don't like waiting days without knowing if a person is interested but busy or has decided to move on to something else.
    Just as I will reply to all, I expect everyone to reply back to me.
    We may not reach a deal, but there's no reason not to say "No thank you, good luck collecting."
    Thanks for looking.

    This is a simple trade post.
    I have the following Black Series Boba Fett 6 inch figure:

    There is slight scuffing on the blister to the right of the jetpack.

    I am looking for the following figures from The Vintage Collection:
    (I know a perfect MOMC item is almost impossible to find, but I am looking for as near as MOMC as possible)

    VC113 Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) The Vintage Collection Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) VC113

    VC21 Gamorrean Guard (multiples) VC21 - Gamorrean Guard - 2010 - The Vintage Collection

    VC105 The Emperor's Royal Guard (multiples) Emperor's Royal Guard Vintage Collection VC105

    VC101 Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter) Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter)
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