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Thread: OT: Happy Life Day! Presenting my Wookiee family painting

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    OT: Happy Life Day! Presenting my Wookiee family painting

    Happy Life Day!
    In honor of the 35th anniversary of the airing of the Holiday Special, I present:

    acrylic on canvas
    (detail) original size measures 20”x20”

    I don’t always paint on velvet!

    Commissioned by the awesome Skye Paine, it is a parody of Weezer’s 1994 “blue” album cover photo.
    Careful viewers will notice that Chewie’s son, Lumpy, is holding a vintage Hammerhead action figure, while Chewie’s father, Itchy, is holding a carved wooden X-wing fighter!

    It should be noted that the Hammerhead was chosen for a reason. the original bass player in Weezer was admitted into the band when he answered "Hammerhead" to the question, "Who is your favorite Star Wars character" ?



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    Wow, awesome work! Thanks for sharing this fun piece with all of us.
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    That painting is amazing! You are extremely talented!
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    Your very talented, awesome painting bro, the detail and expression is top shelf, the owner of that is going to be stoked, cheers
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    This is fantastic! Nice work Bruce. I always thought that Weezer cover was a winner; so typically understated for the band.

    Nice to see something positive actually come out of that SW holiday special...
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    Qualty painting there Bruce. I love the colours and detail in the wookies fur. The expressions are brilliant! Thank you for sharing. ~
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    Anyone got a link to where I could watch or even better download a copy of that Holiday Special? Only seen bits of it but LMAO

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    THIS is awesome.
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    Awesome painting, Bruce!
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    Pretty epic painting!

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