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Thread: OT: LEGO Collectible Minifigs Series - The LEGO Movie

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    OT: LEGO Collectible Minifigs Series - The LEGO Movie

    Not super excited about most of these. Apparently they're from the upcoming LEGO movie (which I probably won't see until it's on DVD), but I do like the Shakespeare, Panda & Lincoln. Pros: a lot of new elements -- Cons: another cop (ugh)

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    PANDA!!! I want 2x. And the sombrero guy. And the chick in the middle next to Emmett.
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    I just realized, once I have the Emmett construction worker and Liam Neeson cop, I'll just be one GI away from a CMF Village People!
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    A great lineup for me. I've been hoping for a Panda, and Lincoln will go nicely with "non-Washington" from S10.

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    Heck, I've got all eleven series so far, why would I stop now?
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    Im sad there's no Michelangelo. I'd have been on board for him. I could also do without the 3 main characters from the movie in the blind bags as well. Ah well, majority win, ESPECIALLY the panda.

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    Cool, I just noticed we're finally getting helmets with hair.
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    If only the cops uniforms were tan.... throw these guys on motorcycles and I feel a CHiPs episode nearby.....
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    Lincoln and Panda are the two I'm really interested in.

    The would be OK since he's voiced by Liam Neeson and I like the two-tone helmet and torso print.

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    Good looking wave, the only one I'm not overly interested in is the Mexican guy since a similar one was released a few waves back. Otherwise the Panda is kinda cute!

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