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Thread: What's it worth help

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    What's it worth help

    Hoping to get an idea of what an 11x14 of han luke and leia autographed by all three actors and psa authenticated would be worth?


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    Depends on quality and age of graphs. Modern crappy in person Ford, sit down Hamill and fisher on OPX goes 450-650 if in great shape. Older signatures and fuller ones more like 1k. Elite 80s uninscribed color you can get 1700 for.
    "ok...ill sign an autograph..." -Mark Hamill

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    There is one unsold on eBay for $750. So less than that.

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    I sold one on here earlier this year for 500, I think another one sold on here this year for about that price, too.

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    Its all what someone is willing to pay for it. Like Zham said, its really up to when they were signed.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Here's the piece I'm talking about. Paid 500$. Heard from one scummer it was a good price. Thoughts?

    thanks again!

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