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Thread: Custom Cyborg Darth Maul Visionaries

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    Custom Cyborg Darth Maul Visionaries

    Here is my version of the Visionaries Darth Maul. The torso is an Evolutions Shirtless Darth Maul. The extended horns are from a Savage Oppress figure. The hands are from a GI Joe figure with the jointed wrist articulation. For the legs, I used a Super Battle Droid upper leg and a Clone Wars General Grievous lower leg. I used Gametars Crysis Stalker figures for various cover parts for the legs. The hips were made with Lego Bionocle parts. The combining lightsaber is a Darth Maul saber fitted into a Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow chain weapon end. Comments welcome.
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    Wow. Far more intricate and complicated than I would even attempt, and it all works so well together! Excellent work!
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    Nicely done!

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