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Thread: HydroSpanner's Lego For Sale Thread

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    HydroSpanner's Lego For Sale Thread

    Hi all! It's been awhile since I've been collecting seriously and it's time to let some things go.
    I have all four Starwars Minifig boxed sets.
    3340 #1 Maul,Vader, Palpatine - MISB $60

    3341 #2 Han,Luke, Boba Fett - MISB $60
    3342 #3 Chewie and Two Scout Troopers - MISB $40
    3343 # 4 Battle Droids - Flap Crease $15

    Also available (will provide pics soon)
    7128 Speeder Bikes - Sealed Small Shelf Wear $20
    7124 Naboo Flash Speeder - Box ding $ 25

    Thank you so much for looking!
    I accept paypal and usually ship USPS priority with insurance.
    For trades I would be looking for Non-Starwars Technic and Vintage StarWars 3 3/4"

    I have an old feedback thread that is in my Sig
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    Looking for Kit Fisto pre-production stuff

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    Can you clear out your message box. I tried to send a PM. Thanks, Josh

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    Ok I had over 1000 saved messages. I forgot about the outbox counting toward the quota. All cleaned up now!
    Looking for Kit Fisto pre-production stuff

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    great sets! GLWTS!
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