Ok gang! With getting ready to take some final pics of my loose collection I just want to throw this want list out there one more time so I can finally be done with it and move one to another line. Looking for loose or bagged versions of the following Mexican/SA characters (any color or condition). Offering big money for any of these!

Mini Jabba
Luke X-Wing Pilot
Luke Stormy (POTF2 sculpt)
Jawa (rumored, haven't seen a pic yet but verified by two different people)
Han Endor
Slacious Crumb

Also looking for the following variants:

Klaatu Skiff (white)
Logray (tan w/ brown stripes)
Leia (yellow)
Chief Chripa (yellow)
Snowtrooper (vintage head sculpt, any color)
ERG (white)
Ree Yees (white)
B-Wing Pilot (yellow)
Boba Fett (blue)

Also still looking for a left arm for a green Prune Face

Any leads let me know!!