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Thread: Feedback for SAX

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    Feedback for SAX

    Please leave feedback here.

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    I sold an expensive figure to SAX and shipped it to him in Tokyo via First Class International and Registered. Everything went off without a hitch! Great guy and smooth transaction!

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    Simple...simple person to deal with. Sax was all the way in Japan. It was like shipping across the street. Perfect!!
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    I bought an expensive item from Saxon. He posted it with 24hrs and got it to NY in just 4 days!!!

    His packing was incredible, and he was a delight to deal with. Through no fault of his the package got a little damaged, and he immediately asked what he could do and then fixed it. He couldn't have been easier to deal with.

    So buy/sell/trade with him !!!
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    I can vouch for Sax...pleasure to deal with.


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    I also had a very positive experience purchasing from Sax. I paid for a figure on Friday and had it in my hands in Connecticut (from Japan) on Wednsday. I couldn't be happier and you should feel 100% confidence dealing with this great member! THANKS, SAX!!

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    Haven't dealt with SAX in years but we used to do 'em all the time, very fond memories of those days! SAX is "tha man!" (As they used to say back in those days!!)
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    Massive thank you to sax , fast shipping , great item , thanks

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    Just had a smooth transaction with SAX, all good

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    Great guy to deal with. Flexible and top quality packaging job to safely ensure the MOC survived the journey, not to mention lighting quick dispatch. Hope to have the opportunity to deal with Sax again!

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