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Thread: FS/FT Marvel Universe G.I. Joe & other Miscellaneous Stuff

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    FS/FT Marvel Universe G.I. Joe & other Miscellaneous Stuff

    Here is a list of what I have to trade, or would like to sell. Offers are welcome
    Marvel Universe:
    01 Iron Man
    Longshot Uncanny X-Men set(loose)
    Scarlet Witch
    World War Hulk
    Wolverine Uncanny X-Men set(loose)

    Iron Man 2
    Whiplash (Comic)


    Marvel Legends:
    Spider-man 3 Black outfit Spider-man MOC
    Spider-Man 3 Venom (Walmart Exclusive) MOC
    Marvel Legends Iron Spider moc
    Marvel Legends X3 Beast
    Marvel Legends Ultimate Iron Man

    Alternators Swindle MIB
    Alternators Windcharger MIB

    Prowl Classics Reissue MIB
    Silverstreak Classics Reissue MIB
    Smokescreen Classics Reissue MIB

    Here is my SW Trade List


    Here is a list of my wants.
    Marvel universe:
    Black Cat
    Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron)
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    Looking for:TBS Rey, Jedi Temple Guard X2 Have: MU Captain America, Grim Reaper, WW Hulk. SW:Rebels Stormtroopers from 2-pks X2, IG-RM.
    Sale List, Trade List, Non SW trades & Feedback

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