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Thread: FS/FT: Wants - MOTUC, McFarlane Hydra, Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth/Cloud, Black 6" Vader

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    Dracos70- W: MOTUC, Kingdom Hearts, McFarlane Hydra, Kratos


    Here is what I have. Most are loose and have accessories, though I have forgotten what goes with what over the years. I will try my best to get the correct accessories for each figure, but might have to look through my box of accessories. PM me and let's make a deal.

    List of Wants: (loose is fine)


    • TAC Mij Gilamar from Republic Elite Forces EE Exclusive
    • Black Series 6" Ahsoka
    • HIGH WANT - Black Series 6" Darth Revan
    • HIGH WANT - Play Arts Kai Darth Vader
    • 3-3/4" MODERN figure stands (protech type or Marauder Interlocking Display system type - black or clear)
    • Custom Wookiee Jedi Tyvokka
    • HIGH WANT - Custom Resurrected Darth Krayt
    • Jedicon Exclusive Shadow Trooper Commander
    • Geonosis arena showdown Rodian Jedi
    • Bandai S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker


    • Knights of the Round master creature

    Masters of the Universe:

    • Ceratus
    • Snake Men 2-pack
    • Whiplash 200x head
    • NECA Sorceress mini-statue
    • Webstor


    • HIGH WANT - McFarlane Dragons Series 7 Hydra
    • HIGH WANT - Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife
    • Kratos Flaming Blades of Athena
    • McFarlane: Legend of the Blade Hunters: Basilisk dragon
    • HIGH WANT - NECA Ultimate Kratos
    • Dungeons and Dragons Icons of the Realm Tiamat Premium Figure/Miniature
    • Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Demon Fire Scarabus
    • Mythic legions Attlus the Conqueror
    • HIGH WANT - Mythic legions Asterionn
    • Mythic legions Blood Knight

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    List of Haves (most are loose, except when noted):

    STAR WARS (pictures below):

    • ESB Infinities Darth Vader (comic pack)
    • Discover the Force Aurra Sing MOC
    • TSC Aurra Sing #070 MOC
    • Resurgence of the Jedi Ben Kenobi - for trade only
    • BS Mara Jade MOMC - for trade only
    • TAC Darth Revan MOMC is - For trade only
    • Saga Collection - Emperor Palpatine (Skirmish in the Senate) - 5
    • TAC Yoda w/ Kybuck (TAC) - 5
    • 3 Jedi Younglings Chian, Ashla, Jempa (no lightsabers or hats) -5
    • Unknown Mace Windu -2
    • ROTS Coruscant Senate Guard (blue) - 3

    • Unknown Qui Gonn - 2
    • TAC Mara Jade - missing lightsaber (comic pack) - 5
    • EPI Darth Sidious - 3

    • AOTC Luminara Unduli - 3
    • TCW Cad Bane - 2
    • General Grievous (2003 – Animated Clone Wars, light blue cape) -4
    • AOTC Barriss Offee - 3
    • Mace Windu Battalion -commander and 3 troopers
    • Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock


    • pic #2 Adam Warlock (comic pack) - for trade only
    • Thanos (comic pack)
    • Apocalypse

    MOTUC (all complete):

    • Light Hope loose
    • MOC King Grayskull
    • MOC Icer
    • MOC Queen Grayskull

    STAR WARS COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPBs (I have lots, so if you are looking for a particular one that is not listed, PM me).

    • Star Wars Invasion #1 - trade
    • WILDCATS - trade
    • Infinity Gauntlet from Comic Pack - trade
    • SW: Tales of the Jedi from Exar Kun and Ulic comic pack - 30 OBO
    • Omnibus: Menace Revealed
    • Dark Empire I
    • Visionaries
    • Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire
    • Dark Crystal: Creation Myths
    • Jedi v Sith: Essential Guide to Force

    * Have many sets, including some exclusives...just ask


    • Nintendo DS with games (open to offers)
    • Advance Wars and Final fantasy games for DS (open to offers)

    • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (open to offers)

    • PSX game - Final Fantasy 7 (black label) - 40

    • PSX game - Final Fantasy 9 (Greatest Hits) - 25


    • Resaurus Akuma
    • Vampire Hunter D Leila figure
    • McFarlane Sentinel Matrix deluxe figure
    • World of Warcraft Illidan demon form
    • Halo didact figure
    • Interlink 6 Spawn set (5 of 6 figures) - LL4 broke

    • loose Urizen from Spawn with McFarlane signature - 40

    • Final Fantasy Ultima Weapon (yes...the one and only) -75

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    Pm sent yesterday about a few things.

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    BBTS (BigBadToyStore) still has BTAS Man-Bat available for pre-order (set to release 3rd quarter 2015), and shipping is super cheap (one of the main reasons - that and the Pile-of-Loot feature - I use BBTS). They also have the Play Arts Kai Variant Darth Maul for $124.99, which I think is about the right price point for that figure; his release date is this month.
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