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Thread: Weird 12-back vader????? (Auction just finished)... is this real?

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    Weird 12-back vader????? (Auction just finished)... is this real?

    Star Wars Vintage 1977 Darth Vader 12 Back Sith Lord Jedi Master Skywalker | eBay

    What is that? It's not takara, is it? What's with the red footer?

    Edit: never mind... looks like there were quite a few up recently, and it is just a takara vader. I just didn't know they had red footers.
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    Yes it's a takara variation and the winning bidder got a great deal.Loose takara Vader's sell for that a lone or close to it.
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    WOW! that's a really great price! I love the white behind him and the red footer. Such great contrast for Vader.

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