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Thread: What other hobbies do you have besides Star Wars?

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    What other hobbies do you have besides Star Wars?

    I have to say, I have been on this site for years and is probably one of the best 'collecting' forums out there! Was just wondering outside of collecting our beloved Star Wars memorabilia, what else do you like to do? Do many of you collect other vintage toy lines like Transformers or GI JOE?

    For me, I love to golf. I am huge into cars. I have owned many Mustangs and other Fords. In the past few years, I have gotten away from collecting toys and starting collecting/investing in coins. This has been a great and rewarding and also new addiction of mine. I could never have enough gold or silver coins. Like I said, I've really gotten away from collecting toys. My wife and I have started a family (our son will be 4 in August), we have just purchased a new house which I have sold my coin collection (for a great profit!) to help fund our home purchase.

    But now, since our top priorities have been taken care of (family, house) I feel like the collecting toy bug is starting to hit me again. Especially since my son is just getting into watching Star Wars with me and playing with some junk vintage figures I have. Also, I am looking into collecting just my favorite GI JOE figures I had as a kid as well as G1 Transformers. I never had the opportunity to have many Transformers toys, just GI JOE and Star Wars.

    I hope to hear your experiences.
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    I also collect various other toy lines such as Gi Joe, Lego and Kenner Super powers.

    Other than that I'm a big photo nerd. I am a photographer by profession so I love old cameras and all things old and dealing with photography.

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    I mostly just collect Vintage Star Wars stuff (There only so much space and $$....), but will on occasion pick up a minty G1 Transformer.
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    Collecting interests include: Vintage SW, 80's Joes, 80's Indiana Jones, and OT Star Wars autographs. Non-collecting hobbies: Drawing/Painting, yard work, playing my Ms. PacMan arcade game, working out---in that order...which is probably why my artwork is tight, while my abs are not.

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    I collect other stuff,I'm a bit of a serial entrepreneur as well, and I race triathlons.
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    I play basketball 3 or 4 times a week, I own 71 corvette stingray big block I used to do some work on, I used to collect vintage BMX, sports cards for awhile, Matchbox Robotech, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, but everything always comes back to my original passion Star Wars.

    Always loved the Super Powers line. $$$$$.

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    Hummm ... well, toy collecting ... I dabble in Mego WGSh and dinah mite (stop laughing she works great as random people for the heroes LOL), 80s GI joe, Kenner Raiders line, star wars legos, he man, transformers, red line hot wheels, misc. toy lines from the 60 to 80s. Then I also dabble in Animation cels and misc. animation art. I love a good movie poster. I collect historic photos of my home town of Silverton ORegon

    out side of collecting I do stained glass work ...

    and have a 71 ford Torino 500 fastback that I love driving around.

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    I sculpt Halloween masks and sell them. I usually only sell about 30 per year but sculpting, latex, and painting is just as fun as collecting plastic.
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    There's a '65 Mustang Fastback in the workshop, but there hasn't been much progress on it lately. Most of my money has been going into my other house, getting it into good enough shape to sell or rent.

    When I first joined RS, I was more into replica SW props than my vintage SW stuff. I just recently restarted a couple of my prop projects that were not finished 10+ years ago. I'm converting my original Webely no. 1 mk. 1 in Boba Fett's ESB rifle. Just waiting on some parts for it now.
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    Besides collecting Star Wars, I'm really into comics and comic collecting. The other hobby though that takes the majority of my money is my Home Theater hobby and my bluray collection, I have over 300 blus! Here is a look at my HT setup

    SpectrumOfPain's Home Theater Gallery - Home Theater (94 photos)
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