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Thread: Modern droids cartoon figures

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    Modern droids cartoon figures

    I think I speak for many fans by asking if we could please get some modern releases of the 80's droids cartoon series characters. Even better would be having them on vintage style "droids" cards, similar to the vintage star wars line. Thanks for your time!
    Wanted: Jawa 12 back or 20 back proofs, pre-production Boushh, textured cape Leia, and anything Jessica Meade. I'm currently looking for Original Leia proofs. I have cash and many great trade items!
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    I second this , I have a feeling this whole Forum for Dear Starwars never comes to anything but hey maybe someone smart and thinking of customers will read it .


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    I'm down for at least C-3PO & R2-D2
    As long as they are on teh "realistic" B.A.D. mould and the B.A.D. Protocol Droid with teh correct colours for R2-D2
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    I want duloks!

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    Putting modern Droids & Ewoks characters (sculpted realistically) on vintage style Droids and Ewoks cardbacks would be amazing - I'd buy any and all of them.

    I believe there is a similar topic in the "Dear Hasbro" section - so there are a number of collectors that want to see these characters...

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