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Thread: R2-D2 - Geonosis Factory - #09

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    As long as those jets come on and off, I will pick this one up. I sold my last TVC one.
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    Just can't get excited about this one. It's one of those ones which'll be an impulse buy if it is part of an offer or really cheap, but not full price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarvenDreis View Post
    We have enough R2's already.
    Agreed, pass!

    The only R2 I'll ever purchase is bells & whistles, or Sensorscope(Echo base Hanger) .

    Should have given us AOTC 3PO instead.
    I might go for that, but wasn't that version done for the Geonosis sets?
    Also would have like TPM version redone for TPM3D.
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    If this release is based off the TVC Sail Barge sculpt without an opening panel, I'll be interested.

    Also, this would have been perfect to give us a flame base like the TAC R2 / SAGA Boba Fett, only difference being most of it would be made from clear plastic, with only the blue jets painted on near the rockets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Agreed, pass!

    The only R2 I'll ever purchase is bells & whistles, or Sensorscope(Echo base Hanger) .
    Hold on, we still don't have a really good Dagobah R2, based on a recent sculpt either.
    They could pack in loads of accessories from the landing camp site, including those that were exclusive to the OTC Dagobah X-Wing.
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    Not a fan of magic rocket jet I'll pass unless I see a bunch on clearance. Then it'll be custom fodder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R5_D2 View Post
    Not a fan of magic rocket jet I'll pass unless I see a bunch on clearance. Then it'll be custom fodder.

    Me too. However, I'm always a sucker for new sculpts of R2.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only acceptable way to have rockets in the legs, is to have alternate, non-rocket legs included.
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    Maybe the rockets fold into the legs. It could be that it has the BAD legs that you can put the rockets on and take them off. I'd assume that would be part of the attraction of this figure.

    For me, it's going to come down to what BAD part is included. If I can get that part with a different figure, then I'll skip this one for sure.
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    From the SSG image, it looks like the jets come off. I never got the 2003 version, so I'll get this,
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    Super disappointed this isn't the Sail Barge R2 mold.
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