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Thread: CVI 30th Anniversary Micro Collection Giveaway Pin

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    CVI 30th Anniversary Micro Collection Giveaway Pin

    Hey guys here's a picture of the 30th Anniversary Micro Collection pin I will be giving out at C6.

    All you have to do is track me down and ask for one.

    I will have 20 Boxed pins & 25 Bagged pins to give out each day. (23, 24, 25 & 26) along with a set of Stickers.

    1 per person please.

    A very special THANKS to Jarrod_Zutton79 for all his help getting this done.
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    Absolutely killer, Rob! Kudos on a great idea and also to Jarrod for his implementation work. Hope to be able to score one of the boxed ones at C6 from you for my collection.

    - Mike
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    So Cool, the hunt is on.

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    Nicely done Rob (and Jarrod). I'll definitely be trying to track down a set of these.
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    Very nice Rob, and Jarrod!! definitely have to hunt you down Rob and grab one! Thanks and see you there.

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    Very cool, will be looking to get one. Thanks for doing this.

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    Very cool indeed. Looking forward to add one to my collection.

    and jarrod is great at design. helped me with a surprise as well................
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    Very nice I will be looking for this one thanks so much.
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    Nice Rob and Jarrod! Those look great and I'll also be on the lookout.
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    Oh man! That's a sweet pin and the box looks great. I also will be hunting you down like a bounty hunter

    Thanks to you and Jarrod. Awesome job.
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