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Thread: Free JoeY

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    why is the actual moderator who banned him not commenting. Yes, he acts like a @&€@ from time to time and YES he's one of the guys with the greatest knowledge here one the boards including the moderators. and YES he is one of the best guys and a real friend if u get to know him and treat him with respect.
    I have been here simce 2003 and if this is the direction the forum is heading to, i better cancel my account...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioNixon View Post
    I think I remember that name in that thread somewhere, but who ever it was that banned them did the right thing making them have a time out for a little while.
    Sure with your three months seniority you're able to judge if a ban is a right thing or not ...

    Shane is gone and as the popular proverb say : when the cat's away the mice will play. Joe is so much liked
    than it was certainly a real pleasure to draw the ban gun and shoot him immediatly with a one month bullet.

    What a waste

    Edit : I forget to add that a ban, without even a warning or an explicative mail from the person who take
    the decision is not very fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioNixon View Post
    I was there on that thread. It was pretty brutal. I had a chance to PM with the new guy before he got banned. He was a really nice guy with love for Star Wars with a couple of daughters who were getting into star wars as well. He was getting on here trying to meet new people for all the right reasons it seemed. He used to run a college athletics forum. JoeY was pretty needlessly cruel, and that over a few pokes made the new guy pop off.

    Either way, I hate to see stuff like that happen to new people. I always say on these things, if you know more than someone it's an opportunity to teach, not to "school."

    Hope they can both come back and enjoy what's important together.

    You know it's funny how different people can read the same thing and come off with totally different opinions. Was Joe friendly in his initial reply? Certainly not. Could it have been put nicer? Definitely yes. Would i characterize his reply as cruel? Nope.

    While i appreciate the positive nature of your sentiments Nixon, I have to say that after you've been around here for awhile, you start to see patterns, and you become a lot less tolerant of overall idiocy. This is an internet message board, what do you expect? Things degrade pretty fast around here, and i have to say that a little bit of a thicker skin is required. Tishomingo went from 0 to 60 pretty fast after Joe's reply, and to be honest, it was not a way to break onto the boards in my opinion.

    Sometimes when you screw up, you get spanked. It was Tishomingo that really started flinging the poop. As i posted in the thread before it was deleted, there was a point in which he even went so far as to insult everyone on the board. I thought it was really bad form. I am sure he is a nice guy, but if one off color comment is going to send you into a frenzy in which you start throwing out profanity and jumping into other threads to malign and complain, then it's maybe time to consider that an internet message board may not be for you.

    Anyways, i can tell you that out of the two of them, one of them will be very missed around here.

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    I would also like to add that if the thread had gotten shut down in time, maybe a lot of this unfortunate stuff could have been avoided.

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    I was a contributor / combatant in the thread too, in fact im rather offended that I didn't get banned alongside JoeY - I felt my witty put downs on the noob fool were just as pithy as Joes!

    Okay here is what happened...

    -Tishomingo opens a thread about his Facebook friend scoring a bag of modern figures at a garage sale - and says why cant something so glorious ever happen to me. Also says why cant I open a thread in the modern section.

    -JoeY replies in his classic 'brusque' manner (that we all love!) that this is the vintage section and asks a mod to remove or delete the thread.

    -Tishomingo launches into a tirade. Saying that he moderated a board for ten years and he knows there always an a****le on every board and looks like he's found the a***le on this board, etc, etc

    -JoeY gives him both barrels back in a brief 'die noob' type statement.

    -Other posters call for calm. I however enter the fray and pile a bit more abuse on Tishomingo. This guy has a seriously short fuse and I found it pretty funny watching him blow!

    -Tishomingo posts again with a longer more manic rant, throwing insults, saying he's been treated outrageously and repeatedly citing Jeff's Avengers thread as an example of something that's not about vintage Star Wars. Reveals he was in the army and so deserves more respect. Says something about JoeY being fat, teenage, and eating cheetos with his boyfriend.

    -JoeY again slaps him down, through cunning use of the word *****ebag.

    -I tell Tishomingo he's the one breaking the rules and to 'drop and give me twenty'

    -Joshua posts a pic of the Drill Sargeant from Full Metal Jacket. Haha!

    -Tishomingo spams up other threads with his plaintive cries about his treatment and Jeffs Avengers thread.

    -A calm poster explains that Jeff started his thread with OT (off topic) and tries to settle Tishomingo.

    -Tishomingo continues his rant. Says he saw Star Wars at the ciname in 1977 so he has higher 'rank' than the teenagers on here.

    -I give Tishomingo the rank of 'Latrine Marine'.

    Thread is deleted and Tishomingo and JoeY are banned (hopefully Joe's is just a week in the cooler, somebody start whistling The Great Escape tune and throw him a baseball).
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    i know he doesn't need it but i'll voutch for joe as being one hell of a top notch guy.truely insperational.seems odd to act so ruthlessly against somebody who has put so much into our hobby.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonsai_Tree_Ent View Post
    Okay here is what happened...

    -Tishomingo spams up other threads with his plaintive cries about his treatment and Jeffs Avengers thread.

    -A calm poster explains that Jeff started his thread with OT (off topic) and tries to settle Tishomingo.

    -Tishomingo continues his rant. Says he saw Star Wars at the ciname in 1977 so he has higher 'rank' than the teenagers on here.

    -I give Tishomingo the rank of 'Latrine Marine'.
    I guess I was that "calm poster".
    I was already wondering if he had calmed down a bit...guess not.

    I don't think Joe was banned for just this incident, without warning. We all know (and love - in an sadistic way - ) Joe's reaction to noobs or posters who are just plain wrong. He probably has been warned for some of those posts. This time it came to a time-out. Yes, I think "time-out" is better then calling it a ban. Although we all like an admin to speak up about the "time-out" (see, it's catchy...) but they are not oblidged to and I doubt they will enter the discussion, plus I don't see the benefit of that. There are forum rules and only the rarest of occasion they are up for discussion, explaining why they did what doesn't fall under such a rare occasion. Back to work now...

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    I'm not entirely convinced that banning a well respected & long established member of any forum for a month without the courtesy of any warning or explanation (either private or public) is the right & just way to moderate.
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    Holy crap, I haven't visited the vintage board in a few weeks, and come back just now and get hit with two whammys at once. Joe is banned (sounds more like suspended), and Shane is officially no longer an admin.

    If I can speak from a little experience, most of the long term guys here know I used to be just about as abrasive as Joe can be concerning irritating newbies and trolls. There IS a little more leniency given to long time members - but there are limits. I hit mine a couple of years ago, and was promptly banned myself. Took a year off, then apologized to Shane and then Philip, and was allowed to come back with the understanding that I needed to tone it down.

    My guess is Joe is going through the same thing right now. I missed the thread(s) in question, but I've known Joe long enough that I can guess how it went down. Not getting a warning sucks, but if he did any of the big no-no's like circumventing the language filter (as I did), it would be an immediate punishment. Josh says he only got a month. If the admins are going to start following the rules more closely, this isn't a big surprise.

    Joe will be back. And deservedly so. I appreciate Joe's blunt honesty and unwillingness to sugarcoat things, and it cost him here, but his tenure will assuredly see him reinstated. The bigger concern I personally have is that with many of our core members gone, will this incident cause Joe to voluntarily not return? He's one of the last of that original core group, and is obviously THE go to guy for anything vintage bootleg. His loss here would be a massive blow to the RS vintage community.

    And Shane..........I understand you've wanted out for a while, but it sucks seeing it actually happened regardless.


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    I too have have bumped horns with JoeY along time ago but we built a bridge and got over it. On reflection of this thread, I too feel that banning the guy for just being himself is abit harsh. He is from what Iv noticed a stand up guy. He would never burn another collector and he is a well respected long time member around here. I have wondered from time to time why he isnt one of the mods round here.
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