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Thread: Imperial Gun Tower Update 3/19/08

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    Imperial Gun Tower Update 3/19/08

    Imperial Tower -

    This has been a work in progress now for some time. It is made of sheet styrene, wood, Star Wars and GI Joe palyset parts and lots off little found objects. Here is what I have so far.

    UPDATE 3/19/08 :

    I was able to get a few full shots of the tower with the turret primed. I started working on the interior and should have some photos of that soon.

    UPDATE 10/3/07 :

    I applied some plating and pieces to the gun and gave it a prime coat. Still a lot of work to be done.

    UPDATE 9/26/07 :

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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    can we see some pics of the inside of the tower full of stormtroopers and stuff?????

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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    love it

    it's huge and very reminiscent of owen's work

    no doubt a great dio
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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    Quote Originally Posted by Battlefield
    can we see some pics of the inside of the tower full of stormtroopers and stuff?????
    Really cool stuff here. I too would like to see pics of the inside. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    Wow. That is amazing! Love it!!!
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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    Heck yeah, this is awesome! The scale looks perfect for a great imperial base diorama. Awesome that it's got such a detailed outside to go with the inside. Also, the cool partial bridge and more than one door... there are plenty of places to put Imps around the outside. Could be a Death Star tower, could be a lone outpost on some back-rocket rock in the outer rim.

    Any more detail pics (especially of the inside) would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    This looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product. Could we get some more shots of the inside?

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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    Does it even have LIGHTS inside? That's cool.

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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    This is beautiful. Great detail!
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    Re: Imperial Tower/Bunker/Base

    As an imperial enthusiast I have to say...

    Oh, my freaking God. That is the most awesome thing ever!
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