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Thread: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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    Hello OPX Volunteers!

    Sorry for my late post, but I literaly have just now recovered enough to think straight. I've read all your posts on other threads and thank you very much for all your compliments. It was a very hard job this year. A lot of you know that I had to put my 20 year old kitty to sleep the Friday before I left for CIV which put me out on an emotional ledge even before we started the madness. And it took every ounce of energy that I had to get through to the last day. So let me apologize here if I yelled at you, snapped at you or gave you a dirty look - please don't take it personally, it was a very stressful situation.

    But my efforts mean nothing without you guys. At the end, including walk-up volunteers there were 380 of you working the auto hall. That is a huge number of people and every one of you was required - it was a tight ship, let me tell you. Be assured that every duty assigned was required to make a positive and efficient experience for our customers and I heard nothing but fantastic compliments on the service that you provided.

    And never have I heard such compliments from the signing guests THEMSELVES about the volunteers. I had many, many guests request their volunteer for the duration of their shifts. That is the highest compliment of all in my book. Excellent work guys!

    A great round of applause is needed for each and every one of you and I thank you with all my heart for working hard and working well. Be assured that you have been marked in my database as great volunteers and I would be happy to have you all again at any of our future events.

    Some of you even caught my eye enough to be bumped to red-shirt status. Not that that's a good thing for you. It only gives me the ability to push you beyond what you think you are capable of and probably gets you yelled at too. I think the next red shirts should say "I volunteered at C5 and all I got was yelled at by Anne Neumann" :-)
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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Just wanted to say thank you to you for the awesome job you did of getting all of us volunteers organized. I had a great time helping out and will definately do so again in the future. If Official Pix will be doing anything in or around Orlando, FL I would love to help out with that also. I was priviledged enough to sit with Dermott Crowley on Friday and Shannon McRandle on Saturday and both of them were wonderful people. On Sunday I played floor manager for a double shift in the area with Tim Rose, Bruce Spence, and the numerous others in that section. I was able to interact with most of them during my shift and all of them were great people. I also ran across a number of the guests at the Master Replicas party Sunday night. I will share 1 quick story that I will not be forgetting. My friend and I were walking around and came across Tom Kane(voice of Yoda) and Mat Lucas(voice of Anakin) and Debbie Carrington(Ewok) and were chatting with them. Tom was joking around acting drunk, hobbling around, falling over, etc. So I joked and said he was acting drunk so how about acting as Yoda drunk ? He then went right into the Yoda voice as if Yoda had been drinking and then Mat went into an Anakin voice as he had been drinking. It was hilarious !!! Anyway, Thanks again Anne for your hard work and I look forward to working with you and all of my fellow volunteers again in the future.

    Tate Dellow

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!



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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    I just wanted to say I had a great time working at CIV! So many great memories... some not so great! But a lot of fun! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so!

    Erm... maybe I should apologize here for behaving like a blonde? I had like no sleep for the 4-5 days before C4 started and almost nil once I got there, so by the time my shifts started on Saturday I was not at my best...

    Sorry to hear about your kitty Anne... That is always hard. Especially one who has been part of your family for so long.

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    This was my first time volunteering for anything at a convention, and let me tell you - I had a blast! For all day Sunday, I got to sit with Anthony Forrest for my first shift, pulled pictures for my second, and got to play musical celebrity chairs for my third as other volunteers went to get their autograph.

    Anne, will Official Pix be working San Diego Comic Con as well? It'll be my first time attending (just like CIV), but I'd love to be able to volunteer again if possible!

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Thank you Anne, it was one of those extraordinary experiences that I will take me the rest of my life.

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Yes, i agree with all here!

    Volunteering for OP was a BLAST!! i appreciate the crew badge and early access, but most of all working with the celebrity guests will be memories I will cherish.

    Thanks Anne!
    Humble folks without temptation.....

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    I'd also like to chime in here. Thank you Anne for giving me the opportunity to volunteer. This was the best time I've ever had at any convention. A year ago, you asked me if I would volunteer and never in my mind did I imagine it would be this much fun.

    You are the coolest Star Wars girl I've ever met too!

    See you at Celebration V.
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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    WOW!!!! What an awesome experience! Had oodles n oodles of fun! Security/Crowd Control for Ms. Carrie Fisher and having Femi Taylor as my guest (what a very cool lady!) was just a blast....we even like the same ~Fruit Stripe~ gum.

    ....and helping out in Franks' insanity of OPX pics!
    Great times Anne!! Thanks.

    Just because I am on the side of angels.......don't think........for one second........that I am one of them.

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Thanks, Anne, for giving me the opportunity to volunteer! It was my first time and it was great. All of the 'sisters' enjoyed helping out. The first day was crazy but fun. I really liked meeting those that I only knew from online and also meeting new folks/volunteers from OPX. I can't wait for C5! Thanks again for making it so much fun even though it was a lot of hard work. You rock!
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