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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Yeah I am Ant. If you’re looking for anything let me know. PM me. I can wait until you get back home so no rush man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antman View Post
    I did, it was Star Wars Night. Lots of costumed folks, assuming they were 501st members.

    Are you asking about the Pop giveaway? I do have one extra. Are you interested?

    They had tons. Never seen so many cases of Pops before. Being an in-box collector, watching all the kids destroy their boxes and twist the bobble-head, made me cringe.

    However, the biggest complaint I had was seeing a husband and wife have a canvas shopping bag full of pops, looking like 16 of them and carrying them thru the concourse. I didn't see 14 other fans with them. Wonder how they got that many. Hmmm.
    It not uncommon. At Brewers games I would regularly see 2 or 3 people with trash bags offering people $5-$10 for their bobbleheads.

    I think part of it was they're hoping for someone to give them a variant without knowing. 1:10 have a throwback Jersey sometimes.

    They know big families would rather get rid of two or more since only the kid needs there's.

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