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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    Is that having them shipped? I won’t do shipping from retailers like HT or GS. They usually arrive smashed.

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    All of my last 4 orders from gamestop's for single size pops have come in a foldable cardboard box over the pop and inside a larger box. One order had 5 pops, all packaged that way.

    So I'm curious if its funko doing it or if HT got so many complaints that they started.

    It's also how my Amazon dengar arrived.

    And anyone paying $9 for commons is in for a bad time 2 months late when they're $5 on clearance. Just look at rogue one and now last jedi. Star wars pops are carried at too many places. I bet they easily have 2x-3x more produced than your average movie lines.

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    My last few orders from HT have had pops in individual cardboard boxes in perfect condition inside the shipping box. Consider that, plus getting a hot cash coupon or two along with points towards a $5 reward and it's a good deal.
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    News flash, guys : these are toys, not investments. Buy gold if you want something valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imrahil2001 View Post
    News flash, guys : these are toys, not investments.
    You don't say?

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