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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Not a homerun but I am happy with the box. No piece of clothing that is useless for me.

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    If they're going to do mystery minis, they need to put them in tins like the Disney boxes.
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    At least the Pop was a home run! Wish there were two! Now since next Box is Endor what would you guys like to see? I’d like to see...

    Ewok with glider deluxe(this would be awesome!)
    C3PO on chair deluxe
    Leia in dress Ewok village
    Han in trench coat
    Biker scout on Speeder
    Etc etc
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    Love the ewok with glider idea. The better pop sculpts these days could do justice to Leia in ewok village. Biker scout on speeder would be great to complete a display with the other forest speeders.

    With the recent mystery mini trend I could see one of multiple ewok designs in each box. Maybe flocked, not sure if Funko has done that on any mystery minis. Either that or an ewok plush seems obvious for an Endor box.

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    Like the Pop. I can do without everything else. The grandson will like the cup. I bought one for him that has Vader on it...very similar to the being offered in the box.

    I'll probably sell everything but the Pop and cup.

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