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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Found/picked up the Walgreens Exclusive Praetorian Guard today.

    "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderCracker View Post
    Nice! Did you find both?
    Only the one with the crossed swords.

    "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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    My SB arrived today...not a bad box overall. Mine came with the Luke t-shirt, and I don't mind most of the other stuff in there. But the Aayla pop is prob my favorite thing in there.

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    WTF Seize you got yours?!? And youíre in Miami! Mine still hasnít gotten here. So it gets to GA then travels PAST me here in jacksonville and goes to Orlando then travels north to get here! Funko needs to change their SB shipping. Unless it involves them spending a few bucks. Meanwhile my box endures a few extra days of getting damaged. Stupid Funko sometimes
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    I understand your frustration HLH. When I watch UPS hand off to USPS, I see UPS get the item to Chicago, then up to Wisconsin to hand off to USPS, then back to the far west suburbs of Chicago and finally to me in the near west suburbs. Its a lot of unnecessary traveling.

    As for my SB box. I received it the day after the current box closed, hours before Funko sent a shipping/tracking email. I've never had that happen before. BTW, I got the Qui Gon Jinn shirt. It might be my favorite Funko shirt yet. Other than the small errors with the Pops, it's a strong box, in my opinion.
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