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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Has anyone had a Box Lunch order ship yet?

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    Has Cody shown up in Walgreens, or on their website yet?
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    Some people I've seen have had their BL orders ship. Cody has not gone up. Someone here would've at least posted the link...
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    Picked up my Assault trooper and it was banged up. Returned it and ordered another. Good one WM. Don't have faith in my Baxter coming in good shape
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail_Lord_Helmet View Post
    Got Snoke in today along with my 2 Hei Heis. They came packed together. I would've preferred 2 separate shipments, but maybe I clicked some button to have them do that? Snoke had both flaps out but overall package is good. Hei Heis are ok as well. Very minor dent on the back of one. Now for the other dozen plus pops to arrive!
    Same here when my Snoke arrived.

    No harm, no foul.
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    I'm actually disappointed at how readily available these sdcc pops are, except from b&n.

    Gamestop is restocked, walgreens/target never sold out, Amazon keeps coming in stock.

    Thinking of the time and effort spent staying up and chasing to get them it all feels wasted. I'll be returning a bunch of these as I was hoping for nice tradebait.

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