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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Transformers Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daigo_Bah View Post
    Yes sir! I have many KO Masterpieces and I swear, they are practically indistinguishable from the real version.
    Nice! I may go the KO route for Megatron then. I hoping the new release of the G1 toy look causes the prices on the last release to fall or other folks sell theirs off to get the new one.

    This morning I picked up Blot, Cutthroat and Sinnertwin at Walmart

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    Got my Toys Alliance MAS-02 Megs in yesterday. Optimus Prime and the Joes now have some competition going up against Megatron and Cobra.

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    Ohhhh ... those are pretty!

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    Found more Elita-1s & a couple of Hun-Grrrs today at the same WM I found E-1 last week. Now, where in the pits of Polyhex are wave 2 & 3 the Prime Master figures?
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