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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Transformers Edition

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    I picked up G1 Hardhead, Sideswipe and Jazz all complete. I just need to get the instruction booklets and tech specs and I'll be done with these 3!
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    recently picked up the following:

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    Picked up TR Ramhorn from Aldi's. The past week I found Beachcomber Windcharger and Slash.

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    Picked up PotP- deluxe Jazz, Swoop and Slug - also Legends Windcharger
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    I also got a weeks ago the Toyworld 3rd party Conehead seekers well 2 of them Durge and Thrust.

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    Got Titans Return Brainstorm for Christmas. Also recently picked up Swoop, Windcharger, Seaspray, Cosmos and Brawn.

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    The wife gifted me Slag, Swoop and Slash for Xmas. I'm hoping to pick up Optimus and Grimlock if I find them locally.

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    If anyone is in need of TR Grotesque he's up on right now. I order mine Saturday.

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    Voyager Grimlock and Legends Beachcomber

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    Grimlock today. Also ordered TR Twin Twist from the non-existent Deluxe Wave 5, figuring that ship has sailed.
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