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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Transformers Edition

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    I've been incredibly fortunate to find the following in June & July:
    * Trypticon - Think Geek, Indianapolis
    * Kup, Perceptor, & Topspin - Walgreens, Chicago
    * Sky Shadow - Walmart, Indianapolis
    * Six Shot - Toys R Us, Indianapolis
    * Leader Class TLK Megatron - Toys R Us, Indianapolis
    * Voyager Class TLK Megatron - Target, Indianapolis

    Still looking for Seaspray, TR Blitzwing, Octane, & Twin Twist

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    My latest

    AFA 85 Transformers Ramjet

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    Over the weekend I got:

    Twin twist
    and Seapray

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    picked up the Legion Class Barricade yesterday from Target. neat little transformer.
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    Last posting, but I snagged RID Combiner Force Legends Prime, Starscream, Grimlock and Springload for $3 each at Walmart.
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    Picked up Titans Return Blitzwing and Seaspray at a local Target store in Indianapolis today. Still looking for Octane and Twin Twist. Finding TLK Leader Class Optimus and Megatron in abundance everywhere. Saw another voyager class Megs and Hound 2 days ago at a Walmart. Only the second time I've seen those two in the wild.

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