We have recently had an increase in Profanity and the Circumventing of Rebelscum's language filter in many posts in many threads.

Please read the following from Rebelscums General Forum Rules.

Profanity: We ask that you respect the fact that this is an all-ages board, and use no words stronger than what may be found in the movies themselves. The board comes equipped with a broad-based profanity filter. The traditional “dirty words” will be automatically filtered (their letters will appear as asterisks in your post) even when the context does not absolutely demand it. Likewise, no profane, suggestive or obscene images are allowed.

Even though we would rather members find a more articulate way to express themselves, members may use partially censored words. Like those found in many reputable magazines, replacing bad language with 'f---', 's---', et al will be allowed. The only way it is allowed though, is by typing the first letter of the word followed by the appropriate number of dashes, though counting is up to the member.

The use of other letters or symbols to circumvent the language filter ($, @, !...) is strongly prohibited and will be not be tolerated. First offenses can give the poster an automatic one-week suspension of their posting privileges. Subsequent offenses will be dealt with more severely, and can include permanent banning.

Just a few examples so everyone is clear, if you wish you may spell a censored word out like so:
but you are not allowed to spell it like so:
and of course misspelling a word (using other letters or symbols to circumvent the language filter) is strongly prohibited as stated above.

Please consider this as a general warning for all. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic one-week suspension of your posting privileges. Thank you.

Amir K.