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Thread: Celebration IV Collecting Track

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    Celebration IV Collecting Track

    I'm organizing the program for the Celebration IV collecting track. I'm very interested in hearing ideas for talks, panels, and activities for the C4 collecting program, especially new topics that haven't been covered before, interactive events, and suggestions that span the diversity of interests & demographics in Star Wars collecting.

    Also, if you have feedback on things that worked well or could stand to improve from previous Celebration collecting events/talks, please let me know. Just shoot me an email with your suggestions. Thanks.


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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    How about how recent licensees have changed the current culture of collecting and what we could expect in the future?
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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    Quote Originally Posted by theropod
    How about how recent licensees have changed the current culture of collecting and what we could expect in the future?
    In the past there's been a Future of the Hobby Rountable Discussion and I think this fits into that category. I've always found this to be an interesting discussion.

    I for one was a big fan of the Collector Meet and Greet Social Hour so I hope this happens again.

    I know the Unproduced Toys had one of the largest turnouts for a toy related panel.

    Micro Collection and Coins seem to be hot right now so panels on the availabilty, scarcity, the production process, and unproduced may be neat to see.

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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    I think that a "Don't Forget Us -- Female Star Wars Collectors" would be a pretty interesting panel. I'd be there, definitely .

    And always -- anything to do with conservationism and protecting your collection for posterity.
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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    I'd be interested in a "High-end Collectibles" topic, covering everything from Gentle Giant to Master Replicas. Can't remember if that was done at C3, but it would be fun.

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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. Some of them were even on our list already (e.g. female Star Wars collectors, coins, etc.) so it's good to see some common interests. Keep the ideas coming...


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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    If possible could someone post the topics that were presented at C3. I was only able to attend a couple of them and I can't recall any of the presentations that I missed, not that they weren't good, I just didn't get the time.

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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    I have just got my C3 programme out but heres a list of all the collecting panels that were scheduled at celebration 3
    thursday april 21st 2005
    Collectors social hour
    friday april 22nd 2005
    star wars posters
    strange and comical star wars collectables
    food track: cereal
    food track: fast food which included the various collectables
    food track: everything else
    star wars trading cards
    collecting 101
    preserving and storing a star wars collection
    displaying your star wars collectables
    saturday april 23 2005
    character collectables
    lili ledy star wars toys (lili ledy were the mexican company)
    toy track: Unproduced toys
    toy track: international collectables
    toy track: vintage action figure collecting
    celebration 3 collectables road show
    star was props and costumes
    star wars collecting trivia contest
    sunday april 24th 2005
    cheapskate collecting
    store displays
    design and development of the lego star wars line
    original star wars comic artwork
    the future of star wars collecting

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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    Being a relative neophyte to collecting, I would personally love to go to:

    Collecting 101
    Preserving and Storing a Collection
    Star Wars art (maybe also discuss the different terms for framing. UV protection, rabbets, matting, etc.)
    Star Wars posters
    Displaying collectibles
    The future of Star Wars collecting
    Collecting etiquette (maybe a topic within Collecting 101)
    Wacky collectibles
    International collectibles
    Keeping track of a collectiong (again, maybe a topic within Collecting 101)
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    Re: Celebration IV Collecting Track

    The only thing I know and collect are autographs, so thats what I would like to see.
    Any talks etc could cover from common to rare signers, who does not sign for love nor money, looking after your colection and TTM stuff. There are loads of different topics to cover in this (at one point I even started writing a book about collecting!).
    Please PM me if you are attending a show that has any Goonies guests or Cirroc Lofton. I will pay extra per autograph.

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