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    2/7 - What's up guys! Just finished taking some additional shots I hope you enjoy - Many you may recognize...but I have gone back and revisited (or rebuilt) the sculpt...guys like Darth Nihl and Maleval. Other sculpts are new and some additional paintwork has been added - I should begin having some finished figures to show off shortly after Toy Fair Again - Hope you guys enjoy As always, more to come....


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    1/29 - Waaaduup dudes! I'm finally painting again!
    Can't believe it!!
    Short but sweet - here are a few teaser images...hope you enjoy - much more to come...


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    12/30 - Last update of the year!!

    Hey guys! An update on some of my WIP figure - some you may not have seen until now...

    First up, Mara Jade update - worked on her hair and gave it a little more body...feel like a hair beautician LOL! I'm also going to be giving her more height by lengthening her lower legs around the shins...the seem a bit to short to me. Will work on the shroud head variant soon...

    Next up we have a Darth Talon update! This is my first Microlady based custom which I feel is working out very well - I am presently working on completing the legs and other details, as well as a variant head sculpt so to pose her in more dynamic positions...One thing I dread is having to paint both head variations with all those tatoos lol!

    Some pics with her head variation - note I worked on her behind a little as well LOL!

    Next up is a custom that I have been working off and on for a number of weeks but never posted any WIP pics till now - Legacy Sith Darth Wyyrlok. You may have seen an older post where I had a finished painted head of this character completed - well I pitched the head and started over - I hated it, looked nothing like the comic version. This head sculpt...I'm very happy with! Almost complete then I will begin painting...

    Next up is one of the Moomo brothers featured in the Dark Horse comic series Knight Of The Old Republic - Del Moomo, and Ithorian Bouny Hunter - I will be working on his brother soon. I chose to work on these guys just because they were fun and they made me laugh. You think Hasbro will ever make these guys?....yea...

    Below is a pic of Del and a comparison using the figure I purchased in relevance to size...

    Darth Krayt and Helmet...I noticed in later issues of Legacy, when Krayt has already revealed his identity that he stored his helmet of a vong inspired stand, quite similar to his body armor..below is my finished stand and an updated Darth Krayt...

    Everyone has been asking me to post a Darth Malak comparison to that of Hasbro's version so without further delay...

    Time to revisit K'Kruhk, this time from the Dark Times comic #7 Post Order 66 - Where Big K is in hiding and becoming one with nature...don't have a scan but he's awesome! Check out issue number 7 when you have a chance...

    I'ver been tossing an idea around in my mind to make an ultimate Darth Vader...thanks to a friend and fan of my customs for planting the seed..and you know who you are! Very early WIP here but you can see that I am going for hardcore detail...Vader would not expect any less...

    Well that's it for 2007 - Gotta paint more for 2008! LOL! I get so involved with the sculpting that I realized I actually have to paint these crazy guys to make them completed customs LOL!

    Anyway, hope you guys have a great 2008 - it's gonna be a great year!



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    Happy Holidays everyone! Remember the "Mystery Woman" in my last update?...even I had no idea who she was to become till a few days ago. The following images are the beginnings of my Darth Talon from Star Wars Legacy. A very early WIP, she will have all the proper body armor, and at least two interchangeable heads, and as much articulation as her Microlady body can give her! One of the pics shows some additional progress i have made with my Darth Krayt...I painted the removable helmet. Hope you guys enjoy!

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    WOW! Well - my apologies guys - I will try to do better with the updates - honest! I hope you enjoy the pics below -have a brand new series of figures in the works as well as paint updates coming up of finished figures that have been living in limbo without color for the past several months..that's all about to change...

    First up...

    Darth Malak

    Hey Hasbro, thank for the help! I finally have a couple parts from your version of Malak that I can add to mine! Including the lightsabre! LOL! There is a variant headsculpt in the works without the face guard. This guy towers over the hasbro version...I like my bad guys "Vader Tall" as I like to put it...

    Next up - Darth Krayt (Dark Horse comics Star Wars Legacy)

    People asked - how about a removable helmet? Well it was easier said than done!! Making a mold and casting this crazy helmet has been a nightmare - I was actually ab;e to get a mold made (in six pieces) and produced a partial casting...I had to go back and reconstruct the horns again...PAIN IN THE A@#!!! LOL - But all worth it I'm sure in the end I will create another one to send to Dave for the GTG store - More horns to the back and side and forearms...then onto the legs

    Finally the mystery woman...who will she be? Well, to be honest, I have no idea...just using the head as a template for proportion. My first star wars microman sculpt - here's hopin'!

    All for now kids! Gotta a bunch of work in the lab to bring out soon - thanks again for all those who have nominated me and are voting for me over at GTG, I am flattered and humbled you feel such love for my work- more to come!


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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    He look like hes a Mean Mutha!!!
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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    After I crawled back out from under the bed.... I can't wait... he seems, well, angry.

    Coming from you, I know this is going to rock. Can't wait.

    My name is Mike and I approve this message.

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    Oooh Yeahh! (Rubs his hands in anticipation!)I can't wait to see this one!

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    I don't even really know anything about Quinlon Vos....

    but, the title of your thread and the teaser are enough to entice me

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    Can't wait to see it

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    omg yes.

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    Did we not just talk about dumb posts.
    VOS is cool but could this be posted else where .
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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    Bring it on Bro All waiting in anticipation Looks very menacing.Good job so far. Can't wait

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    Re: From the depths of the Coruscant underworld...

    LT_Bryll,this is a custom, I think he is in the right place.

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