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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

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    Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    Guess I'll get this one started since I found the first item in the new TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) range...the new Spring activated blade lightsabers are now available here (Vader, Luke and Obi-Wan) so I picked up the Vader Lightsaber for the collection. I'll wait for the others to drop in price

    Hopefully it wont take to long for other TAC items to show up

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    Next ones should be vehicles (AAT, Hailfire and Sith fighter) in the next few weeks.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    I realize your down under but what store or source did you get that through?

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    Through Kmart it was part of the toy sale which just ended...they finally turned up. The only difference here is Kmart is actually a good place to shop and always has 20% sales etc.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    maybe in Austrailia at least. the K Mart here in Wisconsin is stuck in a chronological suspense because they still think the current wave is the Tatooine wave....
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    wow it's amazing how a store can perform completely different depending on what continent it is being run. US=sucky Kmart, AU=awesome custumer service and product availability.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    Do the lightsabers have a hook to attach them to your belt.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    That is insane. My Kmart is STILL stocking blue holo Carkoon waves. What the crap?!?!?!? Glad you guys have the good Kmarts, at least you got that going for you.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    I hope the figures don't show up anytime soon, cause I need to find the Naboo & Endor II wave first.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - TAC Edition!

    Today I picked up the complete first wave at Target.

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    Looking forward to the vehicles a lot. I hope they show up next month.

    Is the Target DPCI the same one for the basic Ep III vehicles (087-06-1246)? I hope they're packed alone. I plan to pick up two or three of each, and it'd sorta stink to open a case of six vehicles and find it overloaded with more Jedi Starfighters. I don't know where the basic Jedi Starfighters are selling well enough to warrant that level of distribution.
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