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Thread: Pictures of the Collection - UPDATED ON 04.21.2017

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    It occurred to me today that it's coming up on 22 years since this started.

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    Time flies. The plastic will outlast us.

    BTW, are you aware your collection has been up on YouTube for nearly ten years?

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    Wow, I did not know about that, and honestly even though those photos are old that really bothers me. They strung together my pictures, and then used them to drive traffic to their website to sell action figures:

    Visit our store to buy cheap action figures"

    I'm not really okay with that even if in the grand scheme of things its small potatoes.

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    After a lot of looking through the RS Photo Archive, I managed to find a lot of minor variants and accessories and similar items that I'm missing... I picked up few of them over the last few weeks, starting with:

    Vintage Collection B-Wing Pilot, the one I had had yellow-ish straps

    Saga Collection Labria: A pretty significant repaint compared to the original...

    Naboo Royal Fighter: The Obi-Wan is a repack, but has a new headgear and I didn't have the vehicle...

    Saga Collection Barada: A pretty significant repaint from the original 3-pack...

    OTC Bib Fortuna: A significant enough repaint that I should have one (the one on the right obviously):

    Flash Cannon Accessory Set: Just something I skipped at the time...

    Similarly the Gungan Catapult Accessory Set:

    And whatever this thing was called... I already had the droid, but never had the little scooter he's on and figured I should.

    There's more in the list, but those were the most significant ones I found. I'm still toying with the idea of retroactively trying to collect the Clone Wars line... which is a little daunting.

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