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Thread: Amanaman 's Feedback

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    great guy to deal with a real good deals too. tym uch your friend joe.

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Excellent transaction with Amanaman - definitely one of the good guys.

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Everything went very smoothly, thanks Amanaman.

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Bought a couple of figures for a great price. Everything went perfect. Thanks.

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Great price...Great figures...Great communication...


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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Had an outstanding transaction with Amanaman. Fast shipping, great communication, and just a really nice guy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Oh Yeah!! Got my Deadpool and other Marvel Legends in today! Very Nice! Items are near perfect! Prices awesome as well. $24 shipped for the Deadpool. He has another if anyone is interested. He shipped very Fast!! Also packages very well!!! A Trade with this Scummer will be worry-free! Highly Recommend! A+++++++++ Thanks Amanaman.

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    I bought a Master Replicas display case from Amanaman and everything went smoothly. Case arrived in pristine condition and shipping was quick. Thanks Again!!!

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    Re: Amanaman \'s Feedback

    Just completed a deal with Amanaman. Great figures, Fast shipping, the guy is awesome.

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