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    I missed this line in my teenage years, but a local comic shop has almost the entire line plus saga and otc, 3 for $10. I picked up quite a few, they are great figures!
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    Picked up a loose Foode and beede from a vintage toy store that I went to today. I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Can cross that one off my list of needs

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    Picked up a POTJ TIE Bomber today. Even Hoth like conditions didn't prevent me from picking this up! I like to grab the latest versions of vehicles. However with the Saga version it was essentially the same, the only difference being is some blast marks which I didn't like. Hasbro released one in 2010 but it was a gray paint job. I went with the POTJ version, which is the dark blue and more accurate color.

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    Just got Pote Snitkin mint on card for 3 American dollars. Cool guy. Love the background dudes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machew_Man View Post
    Just got Pote Snitkin mint on card for 3 American dollars. Cool guy. Love the background dudes
    He's a great sculpt that still holds up well! I've got him with my TVC and TBS Jabba's Palace figures and he looks right at home.
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    Just got a set of 4 12" POTJ figures.

    Looking back I can't recall why I never picked these up when they firs came out. As I look at them now I can see why I passed at the time but I'm happy I have them now.
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    Just picked up a Jawa (no holes in feet) with Gong Droid.

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    Found a decently priced Tie Bomber and B-Wing, boxed. They'll be opened eventually, which is almost a shame, but it's really hard to find a complete one that doesn't have a ridiculous asking price.

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    Picked up a Ketwol and Tessek. 2 of my favorites.

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    picked up 2 loose and complete Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight from TPM for some custom Jedi Work.
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