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Thread: TONKA: Willow

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    Yes agreed! Alex that castle is an incredible deal and has that long strip of battlements on top just like the Nockmaar! That really works amazingly well, I'd say that is a great pick-up indeed

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    Great pictures Alex. That Heroscape castle is a perfect stand in for the Nockmaar fortress!

    Incidentally, I e-mailed Super7 to pester them about making more comic style Hellboy figures and mentioned again, as I'm incapable of not bringing it up whenever communicating with them or Funko that they should do Willow figures. The gentleman who responded said it HAS been discussed and there were some licensing hoops that needed to be dealt with and that he would mention it again. So... that'd be fun.
    Not to be harsh but the Willow figures remind me of D&D miniatures. To me its was really a wasted opportunity. super 7 could knock the license out of the park. There are some great characters to chose from. Hey Born Alex I got a photo taken with Warwick was well at C8 out of the blue. After the 501st party I was walking to the parking lot and went though some double doors and he came rolling down the hallway on a scooter. He stopped and took pictures with me and the guys around him. Very nice guy.

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