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Thread: Food Premiums Section

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    yes the Birdseye were cool! I also saw a Kid's Cuisine frozen dinner, and some apples/pretzels/dip fruit snack package w/ a peel off cellophane top w/ the R2/Yoda images also.

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    just found (i maybe late) printed asst. Glad sandwich bags in a bb8 or Ren box & Glad food containers w/ characters on the sides from TFA, cool stuff. Target is where I got 'em.

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    Home page posted a link to the theater tie ins for TLJ. A little MEH on the tin bucket. Looks like only one style this movie. Red teaser poster, like all the cardboard goods too (cups, bags, etc)

    Digging into the link, I cam across these in the "Evergreens" section. I think that is stuff you can always order from them, and generic theater stuff.

    Has anyone seen these in theaters? "Star Wars Space Punch"

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    I believe the Space Punch cans were available in Europe. I remember seeing them somewhere else awhile back.

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    Found at the grocery store today...

    scroll to the bottom. Sparkling Grape juice bottles. White for good guys, red for bad guys.
    Didn't know they existed. Might end up with a set for candle holders. lol

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    nice! recently also picked up the Bounty paper towels and napkins w/ TLJ prints.

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    Found "Space punch" at Vons grocery today in Los Angeles. A LOT of different cans. OT, TLJ, even Grievous! 2for $5. A little too expensive for me to bother with, but cool.

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