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Thread: New Collector Coming to town

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    New Collector Coming to town

    Hello San Antonio Collectors,

    I will be moving to San Antonio after Christmas and will be working on the north side of town outisde of 1604 off of Stone Oak Parkway. I would like to meet a few of the area collectors and be a part of the local club.
    I have bought good stuff from the Wal Mart on 1604 across from the mall just north of 35, TRU in Selma, Target and WM in NB, and the Target and WM in San Marcos as I came back to CS from interviews.
    I will be in town in Dec to look for houses (rent, not buy).

    I'm an Aggie so please don't hold that against me.

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    Sup Greg,

    Welcome to the boards, look forward to hearing more from you, and getting to meet you.

    "Our" local club trys to meet once a month, however this doesn't always pan out. We are having a meeting tonight and the next one most likely won't be until February, but who know we may squeeze a January one in.

    We don't really have a schedule for the meetings, just kind of hang out talk star wars among other things, and do a little trading.

    You can find our website HERE ACSWC Alamo City Star Wars Collectors

    Once again Welcome,

    "Can't tell someone not to open a MOC but all hell breaks loose if you break an acrylic case lol" -Joe_O

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    Quote Originally Posted by Plo_Kool

    I'm an Aggie so please don't hold that against me.
    Too bad, I was just getting to like you.....

    Nevertheless, you are a SW fan so that is good enough. Welcome and happy hunting!
    The answer the heart of battle.

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    I may be an Aggie, but I am the epitome of a "2 percenter," so I rarely get involved with the crapitude that is our athletics program.

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    Where's a good area of town to live, esp. on the north side of town??
    What about Boerne?? I've spent a few days there, but I would like to find something closer, within 15 miles of my office.

    Any suggestions??

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town


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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    are you still looking man
    or have you movieg im in schertz and would love to join a club

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    new to SA but seems pretty dead on here

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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    S.A. actulally has a pretty active collector group that has it's roots in this thread. Due to scalpers (as well as other scum and villainy), we mostly corespond via our Yahoo group. Unfortunately I am the admin for the group and am in Afghanistan right now, so I do not have access to the group. Will be getting wi-fi access here soon though, so if you are interested, you can shoot me your e-mail adress via PM and I can add you in a few weeks.

    p.s. Our website is down right now, something else I have to look forward to fixing when I get home
    Feedback thread
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    Re: New Collector Coming to town

    I'm here in San Antonio for a week. Any one see wave 7 yet of the Vintage collection? I am on the prowl, and it's non existant in Colorado Springs where I came from.

    Any help would be great, PM me or something. Thanks, I leave the 22nd of July, so before then if someone has seen it, It's not at the Target and the Walmart off of 410 by Lackland. Thanks.
    nWo 4 LIFE!
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