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Thread: Anyone from Georgia

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    Toy man's booth at the The big shanty antique mall in Kennesaw is the only place i have seen a decent vintage offering.
    Yeah, I've spoken to him a few times. He's all over the place with his prices, usually on the high side. He uses ebay as his price guide. I at least tried to get him to price based on things that have sold, instead of what people are asking. No dice though.

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    Not living in GA atm, but from Central. There happen to be some fair deals on Craigslist for BMF and AT-ATs right now (or were). Check em out!
    Paying 1999 prices for 2015 toys in Parts Unknown.

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    Anyone near Lowndes county? I have this and a few other items.It's a unasseblembed original trliogy special edition first time on DVD standee.

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    I'm a lifetime collector live in Stockbridge Georgia just south and east of Atlanta. Love to meet some other local collectors.

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    I sometimes get down to the Sky Valley area, and I would love to take a day to visit the High and the aquarium down in Atlanta.
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