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Thread: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

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    KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    Has anyone else been as foolishly stupid as me, and decided to let KEBco supply them with all their ROTS figures? I really didn't want to pack a shopping cart full of figures at WM, so I decide to go ahead and remain a club member at KEBco and have them ship me all of me ROTS figures.

    Now, almost 2 weeks into the ROTS figure season I have heard or seen hide or hair of any news, or figures, from KEBco. I've e-mailed them three times, tried calling them today, busy signal, and I am at my wits end. In my last e-mail today, I told them I want all my figures I've paide 50% for by next Friday or I'm done.

    Please tell me there are other lost souls out there that have made the same mistake as me.

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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    Proud to say I just say no to KEBCO.

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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    I was part of their every figure club for about two months. They charged me for figures that they never shipped. I asked about it and they kept saying that the figures were about to ship. I got tired and canceled. I will never use them again.
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    good luck to you. but with kebco, you will most likely never see those figures. or if you do get them it will be in August.

    As posted above. its best just to say NO to the kebco temptations. They are the father of all lies.
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    I once belonged to the Kebco Cult too. In theory it's a great idea but they just aren't reliable. Avoid, avoid avoid! Hopefully they'll get you your figures but jump ship ASAP!

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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    They are one of the WORST dealers out there!
    I had a similar problem and they jerked me around for two months! They even got snippy with me when I called them and finally asked what the problem was...
    Needless to say...I will NEVER order anything from them again!
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    KebCo sucks.


    Their sordid history goes back on Aug. 2003 on these very forums. Thankfully, the site owner no longer protects them from unsatisfied customers like he used to. Of course back then, KebCo was a forums sponsor, so......
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    That company is serious trouble. Take everyone elseís advice and steer clear. Itís a whole lot better to buy your figures at Wal-Mart knowing you will own them after you fork over the cash.
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    I pre-ordered some Unleashed from them last year and after I found them in a store I called to cancel the order and get a refund since they already charged my card.It took about 2 months of e-mails and phone calls before I finally talked to someone and what a smart***** jerk he was.Avoid Kebco like the freakin PLAGUE!!!!
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    Re: KEBco Episode III figures . . . . . . MIA!

    I am just another victim of Kebco. Took months to get my refund. What a horrible company. I dont even see how they stay in business.


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