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Thread: Recent Acquisitions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    Got Zuckuss in the mail yesterday, moc. Another rare occurrence where I think the POTF2 version is the best sculpt to date.
    So of course now JTA is implying a new Zuckuss is probably going to be dropping soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Next to Bossk, my favorite of the POTF2 bounty hunters.
    I would consider Bossk to be one of the best figures in the entire POTF2 line. If you wanted to pick one 'sea change' figure that signified the shift from bulky, superhero builds to more realistic, movie accurate action figures, then I believe that figure would be Bossk. We might have gotten a few bulked up figures afterwards, but the trend was clearly on the decline by 1997.

    I got rid of all of my POTF2 figures about 15 years ago, but have been getting hit with the same waves of nostalgia when I see a POTF2 package as I used to get from seeing Kenner vintage toys. So, I bought a replacement MOC POTF2 Bossk and I can't really bring myself to open him up. It's the same "preservation instinct" that kicks in when I see a vintage MOC.
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