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Thread: Recent Acquisitions!

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    Nice! Always fun to find MOC's at flea markets.

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    He was a little overpriced (I thought) at $15, but the seller threw in a Shrapnel Insecticon I'd been eying for basically nothing. Done deal for me.
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    Finally got hold of a decently priced A-Wing, complete. It's been opened, but came with the box and manuals. Considering it will be played with at some point the box is just a bonus. Nice to have something to keep it in though.

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    I got a nice loose Bantha with Tusken Raider from ebay for a reasonable price (finally). I've wanted the straight hair bantha for a very long time.
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    Just bought a loose Cinema Scenes Wedge (my first POTF2 Wedge!), 4-Lom, Zuckuss, a snowtrooper, and a stormtrooper.

    I go through long periods of not buying anything, but I just realized recently that POTF2 is the only SW line I really collect any more.

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    The comic book shop I go to once every few months or so they still have old Power of the Force figures still in the cards. They're all 11 to 14 bucks each. I found couple of good figures which were Piett, luke figures, tie pilot and the weird multipack of han, luke and Vader where they were like rereleases of the original Kenner figures

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    Got a Kenner Classic 4-pack in the mail today from ebay.
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