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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - LEGO Edition

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    Got the Royal Talon polybag at Walmart today

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    Got the Sith Fury-Class Interceptor for $50 from a Facebook buy yesterday. It was advertised as open box with all bags still sealed except for the first one with one missing Sith Trooper and Malgus' lightsaber. Oddly enough, one small piece from one of the bags that was still sealed was also missing (or it disappeared on my floor), but it was otherwise all there. I'm pretty happy with the haul.

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    picked up the Lego Creator set 40220 London bus. nice little build that is sitting on my office desk at the moment
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    My big haulof the month came in today, thanks to forum member LandoGriffin, site admin Nick Napoli, my wife and my mother who had the good fortune in birthing me 46 years ago last Wednesday.

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    Dimensions: Powerpuff Girls fun & team pack and Joker/Harley Quinn team pack

    Ideas: 21313 Ship In A Bottle

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    My UCS Millennium Falcon arrived from the Lego Shop yesterday, can't wait to dig into this one!

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    Picked up a hot dog cart poly and the guardians ship poly

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