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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - LEGO Edition

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    I drove down to our TRU today for the DJ fig. Due to the blizzard, two trucks have not arrived so nothing new on the shelves. The cashier let me pay the $5.99. The shelves were pretty bare, only one micro fighter in a damaged box for small sets less than $20. None of the battle pack sized sets. Plenty of full price AT-TEs, star destroyers, Bombers, and U-wings. The figure is free with a $30 purchase. I was not going to spend $54 and up for one on a set I had not interest in having at all or a duplicate. $54 was the price for the biker scout and speeder bike buildable. They had a few of the other buildables but the pricing was all over the place. Sergeant Jyn marked down to 19.99, Kylo not marked down for $19.99, Chewie at $34.99, a sandtrooper for $24.99.
    i know why they do it but I hate when an offer is for a certain buying dollar amount but no sets are near that value, $24.99 for Vader transformation or a damaged yoda starfighter or $54 and up.

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    Same thing happened to me in sunny LA. Hardly anything to buy from Star Wars at all. Bizarre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MARK2D2 View Post
    Same thing happened to me in sunny LA. Bizarre.
    What, you had a blizzard?!?! Biarre indeed.

    We're low on LSW stock in Australia too. I hope there's a refresh coming because I want to pick up a TLJ Rey BF for my wife (of the same name).
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    I went to TRU last night and the LSW section was pretty bare as well. I didn't even ask for the minifigure though as I didn't feel like waiting in line. Will try again this weekend.

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    The TRU I just went to was pretty bare itself, but the Lego shelves still had a decent selection. I picked up a bunch of polys - DJ, an old Rebels A-Wing Pilot and two Milanos. Also recently picked up through clearance deals or Facebook/Craigslist buys the Scarif Battle, AT-ST, Vader Transformation, the Bounty Hunters battle pack, and a few TLJ Walker and Cinderella polys.

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    picked up Ahch-To Island last night at my local Walmart hoping to put it together tonight along with the Target exclusive Sandspeeder
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    Added the Rogue One display to my Lego display collection today. Needs a little dusting off and cleaning, but it survived its time in the store intact.

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    Went to multiple Walmarts for clearance finds yesterday and came away with -

    Aira's Airship & Amulet Chase -$9
    Clayface Splat Attack - $15
    Lakeside Lodge - $9
    Ravager Attack - $9
    Milano vs Abilisk - $21
    Detroit Steel Strike - $13

    I had most of these but couldn't resist the deals

    Also went to TRU and got the DJ poly and a few LBM series 2 minifigures

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraitSurvivor View Post
    How did you get that???
    They had it pulled off the shelf because they're doing seasonal reset, asked if I could have it and the dept. manager said yes.
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