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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - LEGO Edition

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    Oh Target..... At least you tried?

    I placed an order for the 2017 Lego SW Advent Calendar. It arrived a couple days ago in a box that seemed way too big. There was a reason for that.....

    HOW does someone even make this bad of a mistake? I could understand them sending me the wrong Lego item. I could even understand them sending me the wrong Star Wars item. But this isn't even CLOSE!
    I have contacted customer service and a replacement order is being sent. I even get to keep the wrong item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post

    Oh I don't know. That Santa in the bottom left corner could pass for BB-8 you know.
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    Just picked up the Resistance Bomber and Women of NASA sets this weekend. And with the VIP bonus of double points and Nutcracker set, it was a success of a Lego store trip.
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    Picked up two blasts-from-the-past so far this month: 7259 ARC-170 and 6201 Slave I.

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    Grabbed the Doctor Strange set at Target for $14.99!

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    Got the phone call this morning - hit my Lego store this evening and walked out with the UCS MF, along with a Nutcracker and tote bag.
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    Picked up the Wonder Woman movie set at TRU for $20.99

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    Quote Originally Posted by INDY View Post
    Just poking fun at Lego doing another cantina with just about the same figures except one new one, all for $10 more than last time.
    I have only been doing Lego a short time and it’s gotten very expensive very quickly.
    I saw a leaked picture of the Cantina here:

    Ugh, I wish I had just bought two of the last one to put together to make a bigger set. At least then you'd have six Modal Nodes. This one looks like it's not much bigger than the structure for the original 4501 Cantina and it doesn't even have a Dewback to add substance. They could have at least swapped out Han and Greedo for more requested characters.

    Edit: According to Brickset, this is going to be $40 and has 378 pieces. Maybe we just need clearer pictures of what's in the background because I can't imagine that piece going into the Cantina itself.
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    That circular droid is part of the set. I think it works as an unofficial add on to the last cantina.

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