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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - LEGO Edition

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    Finally picked up the Carbon Chamber set, Target had them for 20% OFF!
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    Imperial Troop Transport 75078

    It has been collecting dust on a shelf at the only store in my town that actively stocks LEGO, so I decided to buy it. Like the past four or five I've purchased of this set, I only want the Stormtroopers for army building. The rest of the pieces go into my bins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INDY View Post
    I never thought to take a picture.
    I just tried to post pics of a store find - not easy on these forums.

    Anyway I found the Rathtar Escape, Darth Vader's Transformation, the two battle packs and the Stormtrooper Commander and the Bike Scout buildable figures at the LEGO shop in Dreamworld, Australia.
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    Series 17 Roman Gladiator, nice little guy. It is my TV Spartacus.

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