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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - LEGO Edition

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    Decided to take advantage of the last day of Double VIP Points at the LEGO Shop and ordered up Y-Wing Microfighter 75162, Battle on Scarif 75171, A-Wing Starfighter 75175, and 153 pieces from Pick-a-Brick.

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    Not really a recent acquisition, but I was going through spare parts from a lot I bought back in November earlier today and found I was able to mostly piece together a Dwarf Spider Droid from 7258 Wookiee Attack. Just need to Bricklink a few parts to replace the stand-in pieces I have on it now.

    Off topic, but does anyone know how brick-built droids like this get assigned minifig numbers (it's sw125 on Bricklink and Brickset), while others don't? In checking this out, it looks like there have been at least three other Dwarf Spider Droids in other sets.

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    Ordered up 436 bricks from the LEGO Shop and a few from BrickLink.

    Many pieces for further modifications on X-Wing 9493 (yes, still working on it but it is very close to completion) and various clear bricks to make custom stands. The rest are just miscellaneous pieces to add to my inventory. It's nice to have lots on hand.

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    Picked up the U-Wing Fighter polybag 30496 in the Easter section of the local Meijer store for $3.99.

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    Got the Joker Balloon Escape/Riddler Racer combo pack for $21 at Walmart! Best clearance find of mine in a while!

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    Ordered up a MIB Snowspeeder 75049 from BrickLink last night. Now I just need an AT-AT for the speeder to wrap it's tow cable around. IIRC wasn't there a store display a few years ago with this exact scenario?

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